Thank you for visiting our website and allowing LeasePAL to be your guide and insurance provider as you search for your next home. LeasePAL is unique all in one insurance program that eliminated the requirement of security deposits and last month’s rent is due on the move-in day. LeasePAL’s bundle of insurance lowers your move-in costs by 75%! In addition to the deposit exemption insurance policy which protects an owner up to 6 months of rent, LeasePAL also has included in its bundle package a 3 tier HO4 insurance policy that covers $10,000 personal belongings, $100,000 tenant liability, and 2 months if involuntary unemployment coverage. These are just a few of the many benefits you get when you join LeasePAL. Below is a list of these and many more.
  • A 75% Reduction in Move-in Costs
  • No Security Deposits Required
  • No Last Months Rent Required on the Move-in Day
  • Less Adversarial Relationship with the Property Owner
  • On-Time Rent Payments boost the Resident Credit Score
  • A Credit Score Forbearance Agreement Catastrophe Relief Program
  • Rental Payments can be made with the Push of a Button
  • No Monthly Payments on the Deposit Exemption Policy
  • No Monthly Payments on the HO4 3 tiered Renters Insurance Policy
  • Involuntary Unemployment
  • Insurance Coverage

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